The spring season is upon us.

In a blink of an eye, the season will give way to warmer temperatures, BBQs, gardening and all types of outdoor fun.

Your home can also partake in this seasonal bliss. With the following budget-friendly DIY projects you can maximize your curb appeal just in time for spring.

Spruce up front door

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic is by updating the front door.

A splash of color or the addition of a handsome door knocker can liven up the home’s entrance and delight every visitor and delivery person who swings by.

So give it a try. A bold color or seasonal wreath can bring new attention and a whole new look.

Add new lighting

A porch light and other exterior lighting accentuate your home’s features and create a dynamic outdoor setting when it’s dark out.

Some creative ways to add lighting to your home include solar lights, which can be placed along walkways and driveways. These lights are both aesthetically pleasing and will add an extra layer of safety.

Don’t ignore the back of your home. You can also brighten your backyard with hanging led lights that shine light on your patio and outdoor landscaping. The new lighting will set the tone for a perfect evening outside.

Update mailbox

Whether your mailbox is near the front door or out in the yard, a makeover to this centerpiece home feature can stand out.

Think about a fresh coat of paint or planting flowers around the base, if the mailbox is in the yard area. In one afternoon, you can totally transform everything about your mailbox and maybe even turn some heads around the neighborhood.

Step up lawn care

Everything’s growing this time of year. A little extra focus to lawn maintenance can make a huge difference and dramatically boost your home curb appeal.

Here are some tasks for your outdoor to-do list.

Clean gutters, get rid of leftover fall debris all around, feed the grass, add mulch, trim everything the needs it, cut and whack away at every weed. Your reward will be a fresh spring look that calls you to the front porch more often.

Add window accent

Window treatment works outdoors, too. The addition of shutters or window boxes add a new dimension.

Maybe you already have shutters installed. If this is the case, consider a power wash or a new coat of paint to get them looking their best.

Window boxes are appropriate for this time of the year. Box planters can be filled with fresh blooms and colorful arrangements that will immediately draw attention and add a touch of spring to your curb appeal.