Buying a home is an exciting life milestone. And the excitement of owning a home never quite stops.

Part of the fun of owning a home is taking on home improvement projects that raise the home’s coziness factor.

So if you’re short on DYI ideas, here are a few that are budget-friendly and are sure to fill you with inspiration.

Install ceiling fans

Depending on the age of the home, the ceiling fans might be outdated, inoperable or nonexistent.

Updating or adding modern ceiling fans will boost the appeal and comfortability of any room in the house. Not to mention, it’ll also save you money on the utility bill. So the modest investment of ceiling fans will eventually pay for itself.

Remember to always take all the proper safety precautions or work with a certified electrician for this type of project.

Refresh kitchen cabinet

Again, if you purchased a preowned home, chances are some of the home’s features are a little dated.

While it would be expensive to make a full kitchen renovation with new cabinets, investing in a kitchen cabinet refresh makes a lot of sense economically and stylistically.

It’s easy to stretch your budget dollar for a dramatic new look that brightens the kitchen and brings it up to date.

Update front door

Curb appeal matters. And nothing increases the home’s curb appeal like beautifying the front door.

A fresh coat of paint, lighting and new hardware can go a long way. With a few tweaks, your new-and-improved door will turn heads and stand out from the rest.

Even door accessories, such as “Welcome” doormat, outdoor plants or a wreath, can dramatically alter the look and feel of your home’s entrance and take your curb appeal to the next level.

New wall paint

If you can’t think of which project to tackle first, you cannot go wrong with new wall paint.

As one of the most affordable DIY projects, it’s also one that can have a major impact in not just one room, but the entire house. It’s a great bang for the buck and will totally transform and set the right mood every time you enter the newly painted spaces inside your home.