The weather remains inconsistent. While it’s not in full-time spring mode quite yet, the warmer months of spring and summer will soon stick around a while.

As you plan for more sunshine and time outdoors, here are some cool ideas for what type of flowers and plants you can watch bloom and showcase at home this season.


These little trumpet-shaped flowers, known technically as Bergenia cordifolia, are brilliant pink and come in little clusters. They’re perfect not just for spring, but fall too. As the months cool down, the pink turns into a purple hue late in the year.

Whether your space has plenty of shade or sunlight, this plant will thrive in either. With the appropriate amount of watering, this plant will look great for many months.

Another great thing about this versatile plant is that it goes well by itself or in groups. So, don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and gardening design skills with this little flower.

Creeping buttercup

Known as ranunculus repens, the creeping buttercup is easier to grow than to pronounce its official name.

In many circles, the creeping buttercup might be categorized as a weed. Its hardy nature, however, makes it a perfect fit in your garden if you’re worried about foot traffic and other ongoing disturbances.

This perennial will pop up again season after season, especially during spring. The radiant yellow pops with plenty of energy and will add a nice touch of glow to your garden.

Lily of the Nile

Blooming from spring to summer, the perennial Agapanthus is a gardener’s favorite.

This is a South African flower with a tall stalk and slender white and blue flowers. They bring plenty of charm and beauty to any garden.

For design purposes, gardeners love that this is a plant that could be placed to create garden borders or hold its own as a centerpiece garden feature.


For a classic touch to any garden space, there’s no substitute for the daisy. The rosettes of thin white petals surrounding a yellow floral disk add a magical, dreamy quality to any garden.

Perfect for lawns, gardens, hillsides and everything in between, daises fully show their colors in the late spring and continue to bloom in the fall.

Bear’s breeches

To add some verticality to any garden, there’s nothing else that gets the job done quite like this one, officially called Acanthus mollis.

The large perennial plant grows with long columns of flowers and glossy leaves to accentuate any green space with both color and height.

A favorite among landscape designers, bear’s breeches have great structure and sculptural form. The big, coarse leaves are easy to work with, can be grown alone or with flowers and can easily be the focus of your new and updated garden this season.