Homebuying and winter aren’t typically thought of as the perfect pair. But if you’re thinking about selling your home this winter season, use the cold weather as a guide. This is an opportunity to make visitors as comfortable as possible when they’re braving chilly conditions to pay a visit and potentially make an offer.

See how easy it is to create a comfortable, welcoming and warm atmosphere inside your home during the showcasing phase of the home-selling process with these tips.

Winter safety

Let your visitors make a grand entrance into your home by making sure they don’t slip or fall on wet surfaces. Depending on the forecast, homeowners should account for any wet or icy weather and act accordingly. Getting rid of ice or snow along the walkways is a good first step. Laying down slip-resistant mats and surfaces is another winter safety idea.

Boosted lighting

Winter is a darker time given the shorter days. The remedy for dimmer days is an increased amount of non-natural lighting inside and outside the home. Well-lit spaces will come across as airy and open, which is far more appealing to a potential buyer than the darker alternative. Opening the curtains and blinds will be to little effect, but if you decide to do so, a quick cleaning will be in order.

Blank canvass

Items, photos, knickknacks and keepsakes that echo and represent your family should be set aside and put away for the open house. Winter is probably the most challenging time to do this, but think about the value potential homebuyers will uncover if they are presented with a blank slate. This gives them the opportunity to imagine what their life will feel and look like inside the home.

Pet daycare

Pets are like family. As such, they shouldn’t be wandering about during an open house. Instead, make arrangements for pets at a doggy daycare or at a family member’s place. A family-free environment will make for a more relaxed and focused open house.

Hot beverages

Crank up your Keurig or large hot drink maker and treat your guests. The aromas of hot chocolate, coffee or apple cider will float throughout the kitchen and will invite your guests to linger and admire the surroundings. It might also get them daydreaming about how much they would also enjoy having coffee in their slippers and on their terms.

Somewhere to land

The start of the open house is where guests arrive. Whether it’s the front porch or other entry point, the open house’s landing area should be open, clear of debris and safe. A door rug or mat at the door will prevent slips and allow guests to wipe off the bottom of their shoes. An umbrella will also create cover for guests and give them space to get situated before entering the home.

If you’re concerned about keeping the carpet clean, consider putting out some shoe covers for your guests to use. They’ll appreciate doing their part to keep things neat and stain free and notice your attention to detail in caring for the home.

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