While the traditional home sale season is in the rear-view mirror as the end of the year enters the picture, it is still possible to have a successful home sale this winter season.

Market factors, such as steeper interest rates, can be another speed bump on your road toward selling your home. But with a little prep work and time, you can plunge into the real estate market as a seller and may find what you are looking for.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re planning to list your home during the winter months.

Enhanced lighting

The days are shorter as the arrival of dusk sneaks up more quickly this time of year. Overcast days also limit the amount of light during the day. Illuminate your home’s facade and inside rooms to reverse the drop-off of natural lighting. It’ll also produce a welcoming and livelier effect.

A quick trick is turning on every light in every room. Use accent lighting to showcase certain home features or spaces. Get rid of cobwebs and dust buildup, declutter where possible and give yourself plenty of lead time for a deep clean.

A home that’s buttoned up and well-lit will sparkle like a diamond in photos and in person.

Comfortable temperature

“Comfortable temperature” is a relative term, especially during summer and winter. Yet, the Goldilocks approach to the thermostat is the safer choice when you’re expecting the company of potential buyers.

Try to set the thermostat closer to 68-70 degrees so it’s not too warm or chilly when people head inside. A comfy interior temperature will reinforce the visitors’ positive sentiments about the home.

Jammin’ playlist

Let some music bounce off the walls – but keep the volume at a reasonable level. A playlist with relaxing or uplifting music tends to put people in better moods. Generally speaking, consumers are more likely to spend money if there’s a nice tune in the background.

Help maintain the positive vibes with a commercial-free playlist if you can help it.

Quick facts

Sellers can kickstart a conversation about the home, especially if the home is part of a historic neighborhood and kept original features. Vintage hardwood floors, hand-carved stair railings and built-in designs are tidbits made for a list of what makes the home special.

You can keep interested parties informed by also listing out major home renovations, upgrades and appliance updates.

Livable winter space

Create an inviting and super cozy living space suited for the season.

Snuggable blankets along the couch and living room chair; a dining table that’s all set for a special dinner; holiday decorations and an all-accommodating office or study area are just some home staging ideas.

It might also be worth your time to reach out to professional home staging companies. Use their expertise to design a memorable open house experience that produces results.

If you are looking to sell and buy a new home and have any questions about a mortgage, contact us today!