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Is it time to take your mortgage career to the next level?

Technology today is mandatory and expected. Mortgage companies are delivering advanced technology to their producers and to their clients to increase efficiencies in lending so that you can do what you do best: help your customers.

We take that a step further by combining the power of an amazing technology deck that will wow your clients with other advanced offline tools, including one of the best operations team in the industry, a full-service marketing department, our exclusive Fast Trac System and more.

Join our team and exceed your career dreams with increased production and bigger commissions.

Core Values


Similar to the blueprints of a home, PMR endeavors to visualize the future of mortgage lending.

We strive to take on new technology and embrace market changes so that we can remain at the forefront of the industry, to achieve success and showcase industry leadership.


Our integrity and ethics are the foundation and support that has built PMR into the company it is today.

Our uncompromising belief that we are accountable for our actions is at the core of PMR. Morality, ethics, transparency, and strong principles set our foundation.


Similar to the diverse ecosystems of a fully built home, PMR prides itself on a diverse team that can work together.

We recognize businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who work together well and contribute different ideas based on their skill sets. We focus on having a team-oriented, open door culture which helps us create a bigger impact than any of us would be alone. Our company size gives you the support you need, while not getting lost in the corporate world.


Must work well under pressure and consistently meet deadlines.

We are always watching for new talent info@pmrmtg.com