The kitchen is one of the most beloved areas of any home. As a high-use feature, kitchens are where families come together to share meals and make lasting memories. As a homeowner, or soon-to-be home seller, making upgrades to the kitchen is an easy sell. You can reap immediate benefits and add value to your home.

Check out some home improvement projects that the entire family will love and  could capture a homebuyer’s attention when the time is right.

Kitchen island

A kitchen island has a uniting effect. It adds counter space for food preparation, so everything is closer. It’s also perfect for people-gathering, so others can easily pitch in on making dinner or comfortably stick around for chitchat time.

Kitchen islands also provide storage space and give the kitchen a bigger feel. As a highly sought-after amenity, this kitchen upgrade is sure to increase your return on investment.

New appliances

If you live in an older home, kitchen appliance upgrades will inject new life into one of the family’s favorite areas of the home. High-performance appliances are a necessity given how much time is spent in the kitchen.

Stainless-steel upgrades remain a very popular option among future homebuyers. An upgraded kitchen can have a mesmerizing effect on visitors during an open house. They will quickly envision themselves cooking with greater joy and efficiency.

Multiple purpose workspace

Functionality is highly valued. A workspace with a desk is a sure way to increase functionality and is a growing trend as people’s work-life balances shift toward more time spent at home. The kitchen area is a strategic location that makes it easy to multitask, tackle to-do lists and enhance lifestyles.

Designing a workplace within the kitchen can also make a statement. A large butcher-block slab with a focal art piece is both stunning and functional as it creates a convenient hub for work, homework and other tasks.

New countertops

Granite countertops aren’t exactly the kitchen darling they used to be. Now more so than before, homebuyers want something less dark for a neutral quartzite or porcelain look.

Switching out the old with the new can dramatically makeover the appearance of any kitchen, which may, in turn, increase the home’s sale value. Some materials, such as marble, are not as budget friendly as other materials. So, it’s important to balance out the size of this investment to get a nice return.

Redo cabinets

Increasing the home’s value can be as simple as updating, painting or installing new cabinets. Any time the kitchen gets a facelift, you’re, generally speaking, going to increase the home’s value, too.

The budget for a cabinet rehaul will vary. Adding new hardware, for instance, will have a modest price tag compared to installing new cabinetry. A middle-of-the-road improvement project, such as repainting the cabinets, will modernize the kitchen space while adding character. The right color and scheme can complement existing kitchen features for a dynamic fresh new look.

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