Team Structure

We take a diversified approach to fulfilling the critical business tasks required to deliver an extraordinary client experience, with strategic deployment of customized co-marketing solutions as a unique benefit to our exclusive Real Estate Partners*.

Designated Loan Originator

Your designated loan originator is available to service your clients 100 percent of the time, without unnecessary delays in communication that slow down the process. This empowers you with expedited closings.

Dedicated Marketing Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering unique marketing solutions that are able to manage lead acquisition strategies, integrating database management platforms for a seamless workflow.

Unique Selling Approach

On average, our partners enjoy increased closings compared to the competition. This is largely possible through our innovative partner solutions personalized to your unique needs; co-marketing, database capabilities, lead generation, and social media and brand development. Plus, our FastTrac approval program allows for quicker closing and borrower benefits.